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Farmer’s Fresh Chana Dal also known as Bengal gram dal comes from the heart of India. It is grown under favourable climate and in rich soil to add highest nutritional value to your food. Chana dal is one of the most widely used legumes and can be blend effortlessly with many Indian dishes.

Chana Dal Recipes

Chana dal is a part of every kitchen around the nation. Few people prefer to have it with rice and roti, while other prefer to make Dhoklas, Pakodas and other famous Indian Recipes.

  • Gujratis are fond of Dhoklas. It is there go to food. Dhokla is made by preparing the batter with soaked chana dal, ginger and green chilly. It can be eaten raw or fried with onion and curry leaves for crispier taste.
  • In Bihari cuisine, Chana dal is roasted and powdered to make Sattu. Sattu is used with a famous sumptuous dish called“Litti Chokha”.
  • In Chattisgarh, Chana dal is ground to make besan which is then used in various dishes like Pakoda Kadhi, Boondi Kadhi, Besan ke ladoo, Besan Ka Halwa and many more.

Apart from the recipes, chana dal is also used in beauty products as a besan. It is an excellent face mask to remove dirt and oil. It also aids to make your skin glow.

Freshest Chana Dal of India


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